Professional courses after 12th commerce in India

We have discussed the various courses available after completing 12th class in the first part of this article and here we give you more information about all those courses.

Courses after 12th Commerce

We have just given you named of the Available course after 12th class in the previous parts. In this part we give you some more details of those courses
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B.com - Bachelor of Commerce:

Most of the people in earlier days choose B.com as soon as they complete commerce in 12th standard, the courses such as BBM, BBA, CA; CS etc became common in recent years. Even after having so much of courses after completing your Commerce education in 12th B.com still have its value as the first preference in jobs related to Accounting, Banking, insurance, Auditing etc. And this is one of the main courses after 12th standard to make a career in commerce industry

BBM - Bachelor of Business Management:

            As the name suggests this course is mainly about the business management where you study less accounting subjects compared t B.com. In BBM you will get to study subjects mainly related to Management such as Finance Management, Marketing Management, Risk Management etc. This is not completely about management and theory subjects as you will have to learn accounting , auditing etc in this also but not as depth as they get in B.com.

BBA - Bachelor of Administration :

BBA and BBM are almost the same where you get same subjects to learn and the slight difference will be In BBM they teach in-depth knowledge about stream such as Human resource, Finance etc where in BBA they are mostly covered with administrative subjects.

By looking into the above aspects the main difference between these courses are, in B.com you will be getting more knowledge about subject related to accounts and the main focus or aim is to make good accounts professional and whereas in BBM and BBA you will get more details about Management and Administrative subjects and the focus is for making food Management or Administrative professional with the knowledge of accounting as well. 

CA - Chartered Accountant after 12th Commerce:

A chartered accountant is one of the high paying professions in India with an average salary of around 6 lakh per annum. You have to write a Cpt -common proficiency test conducted by ICAI (institute of chartered accountants of India) and you need to get 55% in the CPT. Cpt is the entrance exam for CA course. Whereas after the registration ICAI will provide you the study materials. You can pursue this course along with any other graduation courses. And pursuing this course along with B.com, BBM or BBA will be a added advantage for your career. You can get more details of this course on the official website of ICAI www.icai.org.

C S - Company Secretary Course after 12th Commerce:

Like Chartered accountants Company secretary is also one of the best high earning jobs in India. You can earn easily around 3 - 5 lakh per annum If you have completed the course successfully. This course has to be completed in three stages and they are:
1.Foundation programme,

       2.Executive programme,

       3.Professional programme.
 And you can get more details about this course in the official website od ICSI-The institute of company secretaries in India www.icsi.edu

BCA - Bachelor of Computer Application after 12th Commerce:

As the name suggests this course is mainly based on computer education , If You are interested in making a career in IT field after completing the 12th class, then this course will be suitable for you.

These are the main courses after 12th class of commerce, and if you want to change your filed from commerce to any other field or arts you can choose course such as:

1. BA

2. BHM

3. BE

You can refer more details of these courses in the article: available Courses after 12th class - After completing Arts