Best Career courses after 12th arts and diploma courses


Most of the Students get Confused in choosing courses after 12th arts. This course is commonly chosen by students who have skills in Visual arts such as Dancing, Singing, Painting etc. where they can develop their skills by getting more technical and theoretical knowledge of their interested art. Not only in Visual arts, people who look for jobs in government sector and those who likes the profession of teaching can really make a bright future in this subject.
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There are an available lot of courses after 12th arts, we explain about these courses here.


BA - Journalism

BA - Economics

BA - English

BA - Various language depends upon state-wise


BA - Fashion Designing

BA - Sociology

BA - Psychology

BA - Political science




5.Various diploma courses

You can also shift your career from the field of arts to commerce field by selecting BBM or BBA. To get more details of this you can read Commerce courses 

Bachelor courses after 12th arts

 BA - Bachelor of Arts :

In BA you will get a lot of variety courses depending upon your interests. BA is mostly useful for the person who is looking towards making a career in the field of teaching, Journalism, Politics, Social service etc. The details of each subject in BA is mentioned below.

BA - Journalism:

The name itself suggests what this course is all about. This is chosen by students who want to become a Journalist. And if you have the skill to be a journalist, you are surely going to get good earnings in future. In this stream, you will mainly study subjects such as Media, photography, advertising, media laws, human rights etc.

BA - Economics:

       If you are looking for economics in your graduation you have to be very clear what you want to become after completing economics graduation, you can choose to work in private sector, BPO, KPO etc and also you can make a bright future in the field of teaching jobs, you can earn a good salary in the field of teaching but it will be always an added advantage if you complete post-graduation in this field, even you can apply for various government jobs after completing BA.

BA - English:

      This is all about you study and get more knowledge about the English language. This course can be done for students who want to make a teaching career in English subject. Even you can get jobs in Bpo, Media, Advertising, etc. In recent times the popularity of this stream is getting low. Before few years when English was known only a few high educated peoples this course had value and now everyone starting from the first standard knows to speak English.

BA - Various language depends on state-wise:

Same like we mentioned in BA-English this course has different languages like Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. Whereas you will get BA -Hindi and BA -English subject commonly in every state the other subject like, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil etc depends on each state and will be different.


This course is for those want to become a Lawyer, and if you have the talent to be a good lawyer you are going to earn a huge amount in future and it does not come simply and it requires hard work and talent. This is an integrated course with 5 years duration. You will have to write entrance exam to apply for this course. Even you can do master’s degree in law after completing this course.

BA - Fashion Designing:

This is one of the high demanded courses in recent times. As everyone knows the fashion is changing every day and the scope and opportunities is also growing. By completing this course you can even go for higher education, or you can work as a stylist, Fashion designer, Apparel designer etc.. If you have the creativity and passion for becoming a good fashion designer you can even design from your home and make a lot of money.

BA - Sociology:

This is a subject you mainly study about society. The different cultures, the behaviour of different society etc... After studying this you can go for a job in Administration, social works, government jobs, Market survey etc.

BA - Psychology:

The meaning of Psychology is the study of human minds and behaviour. So as the meaning suggests you are going to study about the different mentality, behaviour and thinking of various types of people. After completing this course you can work as a motivator, career counsellor, Psychiatric Technician etc.

BA - Political science:

This is a subject you study mainly about the political system of India, The political system across the world, Government policies in different countries,  knowledge and Indian constitution , Judiciary system, Public administration etc, you can have a good knowledge of present political situation across India. You can get jobs in various government sectors and if you are planning a future in public administration, this course will be a good foundation for your career.

2 . BFA - Bachelor of fine arts:

This is purely related to the talent you have in different arts, like Painting, Music, Dancing, Music instruments, etc. In this, you study about the history, growth, and culture related to the art in which you choose. Those who select this course specifically in their art interest will not have to work in other fields if you are really good at the art and this will earn you good income by yourself in future.

3.BHM - Bachelor of Hotel Management :

This is the course in which you will study everything about the Hotel field. Hotel industries are one of the fast growing trends nowadays, so as the demand for hotel management student also increase. As it’s a course of hotel management you are not really studying the management of a hotel , you will be studying each and everything from the bottom of hotel field like the different demands of customers, treating customers, about liquors etc. Even you will get this course in different private institutions.

4.B S W - Bachelor of social works:

In BSW you study mainly about different ideologies of social work, working with communities, welfare services, and methods of social work. You will be learning about the services for human beings, and the popularity of this course is rising and the society really needs people with helping mentality among humans. You will get jobs in various human service companies after completing this job. Its ideally suitable for people loves serving or helping Human Being.

5.Various diploma courses:
Diploma courses after 12th arts can also be chosen. There are a lot of Diploma courses available for students, some of them are, Diploma in Animation, Diploma in fashion Designing, Diploma in Interior designing etc.

We have mentioned available courses after 12th arts. For those who are looking for jobs after 12th arts also can apply for various government jobs. As I mentioned before it’s really important to get graduation nowadays. And also you can change your career towards science field by choosing B.Sc. For more details about the courses available in B.Sc.