Career and jobs scenario changing towards digitalization

Those are the days gone when the parents used to suggest their children to become Something like Lawyer, Doctor , Engineer, Teacher etc… now its the time where every student have a dream of becoming something and the salary structure compared to 10 years back has totally changed from 4 digits to 5 or 6 digit salary. Market or the career is totally changing each and every year; there were days that everything used to be traditional for door to door marketing, advertising banners etc. But now by the arrival of Digital era. The scenario is totally changing towards digitalization. Those who still follow the traditional Jobs or Traditional ways of Business is coming towards and end. Those who are creative in their jobs or field will grow in their career and those who follow old traditional ways don’t grow or even has the chance for coming to an end. 

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There were days when a person gets the promotion based on his experience but it’s not the same now. Unless you change according to the market needs you will not be considered in the race for a better post or career. Its applicable not only in the field of jobs even in business. An article posted in “The economic times” dated July 05th 2016 predicts that Indian IT sector will lose 6.4lakh jobs in next 05 years!!!! Now just think before five years every student were attracted towards IT field and had a dream of becoming an IT professional. Whereas now the scenario is changing, each and everything is going to be digital and those who advances with latest digital skills according to the change of market will earn a lot of money in future. In India, a retail is been considered as one of the low earning jobs whereas in Dubai the retail salesman ranks high above the IT professional.

Now its depends upon you that what you want to be in future. The growing
Competition for government jobs clearly says that its not easy to get a good career in private sector and your future stays bright if you are working in a Government company. Can you imagine applying for sweeper’s job or peon’s job after completing post-graduation or even PhD…? Yes, it is happening in our own India where 23 lakh application were received for just 368 vacancies of peon in Uttar Pradesh in which 250 of them was Ph.D. scholars..! Yes, it’s sad but true. Such is the situation and competition in India.

Keep in Mind 

Before choosing a course thinks yourself that which is the field you want to make a career. And if you are clear about your target you want to reach, start working for it from the very first day, be sure where you want to be and never give up until you achieve. There will be people to encourage as well as to discourage you in your way, Its common in life. Once you are fixed with the course start researching about good institutions where you get the best as per your needs. Most students used to say the reason behind choosing the particular institution is that his friend circle who are in the same institution or its easy for travelling etc. Its common that the friends circle and everything becomes your comfort zone. And never be in your comfort zone and sacrifice your dream for the comfortableness. Come out of it and word is too big and you have a lot to achieve.

Napolean hill - A famous American author who was famous for his personal success literature has said that “Some people dream of success where the other wake up and work hard at it”.

Roger Federer- The famous tennis player of Switzerland once quoted that “if you are good at something , make it your everything”

Understand who you are and where you want to be in your life and start working hard for that and success will surely be yours…

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