Education Courses after 12th Science and Career choices


“SCIENCE”  the word that is changing the world. The main reason for changing technology, changing career, inventions, Automation, everything is by the development of science. Good scientific knowledge in the field of technology can rule the world. Everything in this field is done though experiments and experiments leads to innovations, and innovation to growth. All over the word they are adapting new scientific methods in each and every sector for fast growth. And the usage and scientific methods in regarded one of the main field of measuring growth of country, you can easily understand that all the developed countries are far ahead in science and technology compared to under developed countries. And those who have good knowledge of science is the top earning professionals in the world.
what to do after 12th Science, Best Courses after 12th Science

Thinking what to do after 12th science? The various courses available are.

1 . MBBS- Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery:

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a courses after 12th science is MBBS or Doctor. Everyone knows what MBBS stands for “DOCTOR” and those who have the dream of becoming doctor will surely know the steps for becoming a doctor as they will be getting all the basic knowledge from two years of science education itself. You have to write entrance exam like CET - Common Entrance exam and AIMEE - All India Medical Entrance Exam to apply for MBBS, and you know how much a good doctor can earn working in his home town, it’s a lot of money and you get best respect in the society.

2 . Engineering courses after 12th Science:

There are lot of different streams of engineering courses after 12th , They Are:
  Mechanical Engineering
  Civil Engineering
  Chemical Engineering
  Computer science and Engineering
  Auto-mobile engineering
  Marine Engineering
  Aeronautical Engineering
  Aerospace Engineering:
  Electronics Engineering
  Petroleum Engineering
  Plastics Engineering
  Agricultural Engineering
  Power Engineering
  Infrastructure Engineering
  Motor sport Engineering:
  Mining Engineering:
  Dairy Technology and Engineering:
You can refer about all these engineering courses after 12th Science.

3. B.Sc. - Bachelor of science:

When you opt to do a bachelor degree courses after 12th science, you are choosing to get a good deep knowledge in that field you choose. Doing a bachelor course in the field of science you are guaranteeing yourself for a good job. You have lot of sub streams under B.Sc. They are:
  B.Sc. in Information technology
  B.Sc. Nursing
  B.Sc. Aeronautics
  B.Sc. Biotechnology
  B.Sc. Fisheries
  B.Sc. in food quality assurance
  B.Sc. Microbiology
  B.Sc. Biochemistry
  B.Sc. Mathematics

4. B - Pharmacy:

Students those who are interested in the field of medicine courses after 12th science can choose this course. In this course you study about the medicine and drugs and you get a good job opportunity in private sector as well in government sector. And for those who are planning for a business you can start a medical shop and it’s one of the best way of income.

5. Commercial Pilot training :
You need to have 50% marks in your 12th class with mathematics and physics subjects for joining the courses after 12th science. In recent years the demand for Person with pilot license is growing very fast as every travelling sources nowadays is changing towards air route as it is one of the fastest transportation ways.

6. Diploma Courses after 12th science:

Diploma is one having some of the good professional courses after 12th science right now. It is always an added advantage if you complete science in 12th class before choosing any diploma courses as you will be having some technical and mathematical knowledge in 12th science.

7. Teaching and Educational Courses After 12th Science:

One of the respected profession in the society-Teaching. You can choose various teaching courses after 12th science, starting from nursery teacher training to be a professor in colleges. There are lot of teacher training courses available and it’s up to you to choose which area of education you want to work as a teacher, may be in nursery, and may be in school level or in college level. The teacher training courses available are:
l  B.Ed.  -  Bachelor of Education
l  D.Ed.  -  Diploma in Education
l  B.P.Ed -  Bachelor of physical education
l  D.P.E - Diploma in physical education
l  B.El.Ed - Bachelor of elementary education
l  D.El.Ed- Diploma in elementary education
l  NTT - Nursery teacher training
l  BA - B.Ed - Bachelor of arts with Bachelor of Education (Integrated course)
l  B.Sc - B.Ed- Bachelor of Science with Bachelor of Education

   B A - Bachelor of Arts:
Though this is for arts students, some of the students from science stream also like to join these courses after 12th science. Details of this subject are mentioned in Courses after 12th Arts.

8. Air Hostess Training after completing 12th Science:

Unlike other courses this course you need to have some physical qualities also to become an air hostess. You will get different types of air hostess training. Like you can do certification course from different training institute, or you can do Diploma courses in Air hostess. Or you can do degree courses like B.Sc.-Air Hostess Training etc. And it’s one of the high paying jobs at the present market after 12th science.

9. B C A - Bachelor of computer Application:

In this course you study about computer software and related field. You can choose this if you are interested in making a career in Software field after 12th science. You will get jobs like software developer, System administrator, programmer etc.

These are the main courses after 12th science and those who are interested toward commerce field after their 12th can even choose BBM or BBA: the details are mentioned in Courses after 12th Commerce