Engineering Courses after 12th Science and Scope in India

             “ENGINEER” and “DOCTOR” are the most used professional words after completing 12th science in India . Even though the situation is changing in India there is no less in students opting for an engineering course. Engineering means Designing and construction of something. Before choosing Engineering courses you have to select in which field you want be an engineer,

Engineering Courses, Courses after 12th Science

 The Various engineering Courses are:

  Mechanical Engineering :
Under this course you study engineering of Machines which include designing and construction of each and every small parts that comes in a big machine as well planning a new machine etc.

  Civil Engineering :
This is the field that is very popular among people as under this subject you study the planning and construction of Roads, Buildings, Bridge, Tunnels etc in simple words we can say that building or planning anything in environment infrastructure is called as civil engineering.

  Chemical Engineering :
In this you study about making industrial chemical plants in large scale. Its not like chemistry where you study or work in a small lab, This is about large scale where you plan using chemical in large scale such as in fuel, in food, in drug industry etc

  Computer science and Engineering :
One of the most valuable Engineering courses recent times. “COMPUTER” everyone knows what this word is capable of. Its changing the world in no time. Everything nowadays is computerized. And you get a huge job opportunities across the world. In this course you will study the engineering of everything in computer field, like programming , Database Management, Software , Hardware etc. Once you finish this course and start working you are going to get one of the best payment in the job sector now.

  Auto-mobile engineering :
Its nothing but you study everything related to Auto mobiles. Designing of vehicle , vehicle parts, making innovations in the field of auto mobile etc. In short auto-mobile engineering means the planning , Designing and construction works done in making a vehicle, it includes vehicle design, spare parts, etc.

Marine Engineering :

Marine means everything related to water . Whatever technologies and work used to build anything in water is known as marine engineering. Only building a ship is not marine engineering building Harbors, Oil platform etc also included in marine engineering

Aeronautical Engineering Course:
Everything related in building aeroplane, helicopter , spacecraft etc is known as aeronautical engineering.

  Aerospace Engineering course:
As mentioned in Aeronautical Engineering, you study the same in this stream as well you study little more like Missiles, Satellites etc.         

  Electronics Engineering course:
                        This is the stream you study about electronic components like circuit board, transistors that is used in  each and every sectors, may be in the field of auto-mobile, in aircraft, In electronic devices like TV, Mobile, etc.

  Petroleum Engineering course:
                        Under this Engineering you are choosing to study related to Oil and GAs Industry. It also includes building of infrastructure for oil and gas plants.

  Plastics Engineering course:
Designing and construction various plastic materials. It also include recycling of plastic and innovation of new plastic materials etc. 

  Agricultural Engineering :
As you know the traditional agricultural methods are almost gone and now almost works in agricultural is done through machineries all this is because of the development of Engineering work in Agricultural field. Planning and manufacturing of machineries or products for agricultural use is known as agricultural engineering.

  Power Engineering course:
They are also called as STEAM ENGINEER where they studying of innovation as well as operating of steam engines, Boilers, Motors, Generators, Turbines

 Infrastructure Engineering :
Infrastructure means building a town or area with all the facilities like roads , power , water and everything that is required for peoples, Infrastructure Engineering means planning and creation of a complete infrastructure may be like a new housing area with all facilities, A new city or town etc.

  Motor sport Engineering course:
This is one of the branches of Auto-mobile Engineering that is mentioned above . the difference between these two are you study about all the vehicles in auto-mobile Engineering whereas Under this you mainly focus on Sports vehicles that are used for races off road as well as on road.

 Mining Engineering course:

Under this you study everything related in extracting resources and from earth. You are not only studying how to extract resources you study everything like from mining and all the processes involved in Mining.

  Dairy Technology and Engineering :
Everyone knows what is Dairy - Milk product. The application of scientific methods and innovations in the field of Dairy, it includes all the process starting from Milk to all milk products until they are ready for use. May be innovating a new machine for any process , or easy scientific method for packaging etc. 

From the above mentioned courses you can choose according to your interest as each engineering course has their own value. And make sure you are doing it from the right university or institution and if you are interested in less known engineering like Mining Engineering, Auto-sport Engineering, Power Engineering etc you will have to choose from only few Universities that are providing these engineering courses after 12th science. Like civil engineering, Electronics Engineering, Auto-mobile Engineering etc will be the main subjects in most of the engineering colleges.