Education Courses After 10th Class and their importance

Education Details:

has got twenty nine states and seven union territories in which Kerala
leads the chart with 93.91% literacy rate as per 2011 census. Even after
India spending so much of money only three states have the literacy
rate above 90% and first is Kerala as mentioned above and second comes
Lakshadweep with 92.285 Mizoram stands in Third place with 91.58%.
Between 80 to 90% there is eleven states, and the sad part of all this
is six states still has the literacy rate below 70% . There is a lot of
reason for low literacy and the main reason is poverty.
nowadays it’s very important a student choose correct education course
to get a good future. And before choosing make sure you choose the
correct course as this is the Basement towards your career and if the
basement is strong the path towards your career will be easy. After
completing 10th class of education you can opt to choose any courses mentioned below related to your field of interest.  
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Courses after 10th Class:
4.Diploma courses After 10th (ITI)
1. Commerce.
you have the interest in the field of commerce like if you like to
become a professional in Accounting, Business, Marketing, Chartered
accountant (CA), Company secretary (CS), Cost accounting (CWA), all
these are some of the example a student can become in the field of
commerce. As soon as you complete your 12th class of education and by choosing commerce you will not be able to all this jobs. Choosing commerce in 11th and 12th is just a starting of the education you need. And after completing 12th you will get lot more courses for each criteria and you can refer that in our website on the page courses after 12th.
2. Arts.
If you have interest towards making a career in Journalism, Political, Social service, Law , Teaching etc he can choose arts stream after 10th class of education, as we mentioned above , Choosing arts after 10th is just a starting you need. And after completing 12th you will get lot more courses for each criteria and you can refer that in our website on the education page courses after 12th.
3. Science.
you the dream of making a career as Doctor , Engineer , Scientist,
Pharmacy or Medical field, Pilot etc. you can start to work for your
dream by choosing science after 10th Education. While choose science after 10th
you will get different streams such as PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths),
PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) etc. It depends on you to choose
which stream you join based on your interests. As mentioned above this
your basement towards your dream and you will have chosen specific
stream once you finish completing your 12th class.
4.Diploma Courses After 10th. 
is a lot and lots of streams which you can choose in Diploma based on
your interests, like you can choose computer science, electronics,
Automobile engineering , information technology, Fashion designing,
Mechanical engineering , plastic technology, Marine engineering ,
Chemical engineering , Rubber technology etc. As there is lot of streams
in this education you may have to choose from lot of institutes as all
the streams will not be available in every college.
We have mentioned the subjects or streams you can choose once you complete your 10th class of education, after completing 12th class of education
you will get some deep knowledge for choosing next step where you will
get lot of courses to choose from and also you can refer our website for
more details regarding the available courses after 12th. 

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