Choose Best Courses after 10th Pass which will Boost your career

Last Updated: 21-Apr, 2020

What are the courses to choose after completing 10th class / Higher Secondary / SSC? This is the most asked questions among those who are about to complete their 10th exam. It’s very important that you chose a correct course after 10th to achieve a career as your dream. There will be a turning point in each and every person’s life, and the main turning point of student life is the 10th class. You should have that fire and passion to achieve something. If you are a student or a parent in search of Career options after 10th / Higher Secondary, then please find some time to read this article completely to get details of after 10th courses for Girls & boys.

Courses After 10th pass

Before I give you the list of Courses after 10th, I’ll give you some suggestions to create a prodigious Career. First of all, Come out of your comfort zone...! Many students, especially from rural areas, tend to be in the comfort zone. It means they always tend to choose colleges / Institutions which their friend prefers. It’s the first mistake in your step towards a bright career. The main thing is that you should understand what your interest is and what you want to be in? If you are knowing this, it’s easy to choose the best course after 10th. You can’t choose a course after 10th in science or any other streams just because your friend prefers that or by anyone’s force. Each one of us will be having different talent, always choose a course which suits your talent and this will help you build a wonderful career which you will relish every day.

What are the Career Options after 10th?

There are Five main streams through which you can choose your career after 10th, They are: -

  1. PUC – Pre-University Course or Higher Secondary
  2. Diploma in Engineering
  3. Various Certificate courses
  4. ITI Courses (Technical & Non-Technical)
  5. Various Vocational Courses

Among these lists of courses after 10th, You can choose anything as per your interest through which you can build a career. If you are Good and Technical skills you can go for Diploma, ITI Etc and Also you can Do your Engineering after Completing 12th in Science. You will get course wise details below.

1. PUC/Pre-University Course or Higher Secondary after 10th

There are three subjects under the Higher Secondary streams which can be chosen as per your interest.  

  1. Science: - Courses after 10th in Science is one of the most chosen after completing a degree. The reason for choosing Science after 10th pass is that many of students are now interested in Engineering and Doctor. Apart from these, there are also many other career options like Scientists, Teachers, Lecturers, Nurse and many more.
  2. Arts/Humanities: - This is one of the traditional courses which is chosen after 10th pass, we have seen decrease in the number of students choosing arts after completing 10th. The reason is that students and more interested in technical Field or Business-related field. If You are having special skills like visual arts (painting, sculpting, drawing etc), performing arts (music, dance, drama etc), literary arts (languages, literature, philosophy etc), history, law, humanities subjects, geography, political science etc., and If you are interested in making a career in your skills then you can opt this stream after 10th pass.
  3. Commerce: - Are you interested in Accounting, banking, Business or any other Financial Related careers? Then commerce is the right choice for you after 10th pass. In recent times, candidates who have completed Arts / Science are also eligible to apply for Banking jobs etc, but if you chose Commerce after 10th, it will really help you build strong knowledge in the financial sector and therefore opens a wide variety of Growth Opportunities.

2. Diploma in Engineering courses list after 10th pass

Are you good in Technical Skills and don’t want to spend more years in Studies? Then this is what you should select after 10th pass, but we always suggest you to make engineering after completing 12th in science. The Diploma in Engineering is just a beginner course and you will have to study more to gain more knowledge. The reason we suggest B.Tech/B.E is that it gives you more knowledge and growth opportunities. The benefits of Choosing Diploma after 10th pass is that, you will complete your engineering Diploma in 3-4 Years whereas you will take 5+ years in B.E/B.Tech (2 Years in Higher Secondary and 3+ Years in Graduation).

You can choose your Diploma in Engineering subject based on your interest. For Ex: - If you are interested in Mechanics, you can choose Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The most common diploma in Engineering subjects which you can choose after 10th pass have been specified below.

  1. Mechanical Engineering: - You will study about principles of Physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing and Maintenance of Mechanical Systems. The duration of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering course after 10th pass will be 3 Years.
  2. Civil Engineering: - You will study about the design, construction, and maintenance of physical and naturally-built environment, such as roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings. The duration of Diploma in Civil Engineering after 10th pass will be 3 Years.
  3. Electrical Engineering: - The course duration will be 3 years and you will be dealing with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.
  4. Electrical & Electronics Engineering: - Similar to Electrical Engineering but under this you will be having some additional subjects related to Electronics.
  5. Computer Science Engineering: - This course is suitable for those who are interested to make a career in IT. This is just a beginner course and you will have to study further after completing Diploma to get good placements and salary. Under this Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course after 10th pass, you will be studying basic topics from computer programming, operating system, networking etc.
  6. Automobile Engineering: - It is one of the sub-branches of Mechanical Engineering and the course duration will be 3 years.
  7. Information Technology Engineering: - Referred as study or use of systems to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. Course duration after 10th pass will be 3 years and those who have completed 12th can also do this Diploma in Information Technology Engineering
  8. Electronics Engineering: - Under this diploma course after 10th pass, you will be learning electrical components such as semiconductor devices, electron tubes, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, electronic circuits, devices and systems, and also learn passive components and printed circuit boards.
  9. Production Engineering: - It is referred as the engineering which deals with unified design and efficient planning of the entire manufacturing system. If you are interested in designing and building of new products, you can make an exceptional career in this stream.
  10. Chemical Engineering: - This course is comprehensive study of bringing together physical science i.e. Physics and Chemistry and life science viz microbiology, biochemistry, and biology applying together mathematics and economics in order to convert raw materials into newer products. Candidates having exception concentration in Chemistry subject can make wonders with this course.
  11. Mining Engineering: - You will be studying about the Science, Technology and application of extracting and processing minerals from natural sources.
  12. Architecture Engineering: - You will be studying about the design, planning, and structuration of construction and aims at providing a specific and suitable composition for each type of construction.
  13. Mechatronics Engineering: - One of the trending and job guaranteed Diploma course after 10th pass. Under this Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering, you will be studying basic details about Industrial Robotics, Automotive Electronics, Manufacturing Technology and Engineering, Fluid Power Engineering, CNC Machine Tool Technology, Microscale Mechanical System, and even Machine Design.
  14. Petroleum Engineering: - Under this Diploma course you will be studying the technical and non-technical sides of Petroleum Industry. This will be a three years Diploma course after 10th pass.
  15. Bio Medical Engineering: - You will be learning about the research and designing of all the equipment involved in the medical industry.
  16. Textile Engineering: - You will get knowledge about the principles of engineering, chemistry and textile processes in the process of textile manufacturing.

3) Various Diploma / Certificate Courses after 10th Pass

There are many certificate courses which you can study after completing 10th. The course duration varies from 6th month to 24 months based on your preference.

  1. Certificate course in Spoken English: This is a basic level diploma course which is not a job-oriented diploma. But those who wish to improve their English-speaking skills can join this Diploma after 10th pass which will expand your job opportunities.
  2. Certificate course in Fine Arts: Many candidates will be having god gifted skills in any of the arts like painting, literature, Sculpture, Music etc. Candidates willing to improve they are Fine Arts skills can join this Diploma in Fine Arts after 10th pass.
  3. Certificate course in Hindi: This course is for candidates whose mother tongue is not Hindi. Those who wish to expertise in the Hindi language can join this Certificate course after 10th pass. The course duration varies from 6 – 12 months depending on the institution.
  4. Certificate course in Animation: Candidates who wish to make a career in animation can choose this course after 10th pass. Animation field is all about creativity and innovation, so those who have exceptional creativity skills can benefit from this diploma course to make a high earning career.

4) i. ITI Courses (Technical):

There are many ITI courses for 10th pass as specified below. Candidates those who wish to make self-employment in technical fields can study these ITI courses after 10th pass. It doesn’t mean you won’t get a job in any companies; you can get jobs in companies and there is a larger opportunity of making self-employment.

Usually, you can see people around you working in these trades without an ITI. But the benefit of studying ITI after 10th in any of these subjects will make more professional. You can choose any of the subject below based on your interest.

  1. ITI In Electrician: Under this course, you study on various aspects of electricity like wiring in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. And also, home appliances, electrical machines, lighting, electrical installations etc.
  2.  ITI in Plumber: You will be studying about the installation and maintenance of household heating systems, sanitation systems, bathroom fittings etc.
  3.  ITI in Welder (Gas & Electric): You will study about producing various metal products using welders, cutters, shapers and measuring instruments according to the requirements.
  4. ITI in Turner: Under this ITI course after 10th pass, you will be studying about the manufacturing of metal components and how to assemble them to construct tools, industrial machinery, and machine components.
  5. ITI In tool and Die Making: You will study about assembling of Jigs, installations, all sort of press devices, moulds for plastics, electrical, gadgets, vehicles commercial ventures and family unit articles etc…
  6. ITI in Draughtsman: You will study how to translate the ideas and rough sketches of engineers, architects and scientists into detailed drawings.
  7. ITI in Leather goods Maker or Footwear Manufacturing: Under this, you will study how to manufacture handbags, wallets, gloves, belts, harnesses and saddlery using suitable leathers by adapting technical methods.
  8. ITI in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: In this ITI Course after 10th pass, you will study about manufacturing, repair and maintenance of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning frameworks.

The ITI Courses mentioned above are some of the most demanded trades. There are more trades which I haven’t mentioned above in which you can do ITI after 10th passes like Painter, Carpenter, Mason, Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic and many more…

4) ii. What is the ITI Courses (Non-Technical) after 10th pass?

  1. ITI in Secretarial Practice: This is a professional course related to Management. Under this, you will be studying Shorthand, Typewriting, Secretarial Services, business correspondence etc…

  2. ITI in Hair & Skin Care: This is one of most in-demand non-technical ITI course after 10th pass. In this you will study the scientific methods of hair care like a scalp massage and shampooing, hair cutting and styling, colouring and perming; skincare methods like manicure and pedicure, facial massage and makeup, superficial hair removal and eyebrow shaping, bleaching, etc.

These two are the most common non-technical ITI Course after 10th pass. You will get more variety of non-technical ITI Courses based on institutions. Usually, these courses will be of 2 years duration

5) B.Voc / D.Voc / Vocational Courses after 10th class pass:  

Usually, Bachelor’s in Vocational course / Diploma in Vocational course will be of three years duration. These courses will be run by AICTE approved institutes by using available infrastructure and facilities.

  1. D.VOC / B.Voc in Agriculture: In this course, you will study about how to implement and deal with scientific knowledge, technology and principles to boost agricultural productivity
  2. D.VOC / B.Voc in Retail Management: Under this course, you will learn how to improve the quality of customer service and increase profitability of retail outlets like supermarkets, hypermarkets by implementing scientific management techniques. After completion, of course, you will be having deep knowledge about the Store management, Advertising, Customer Service, Sales Management, Logistics Management, HR Management, Finance and Accounting.
  3. D.VOC / B.Voc in Hotel Management: You will study about the Management and administrative tasks of a hotel, hospitality centre or comparable organization.

These are some of the most in-demand Diploma in Vocational / Bachelor in Vocational courses after 10th pass. There are many other D.voc streams offered in a various reputed institution which you can refer on the official website of concerned institutions.

Creator words for Career options after 10th pass
In this, I have strained to give you in-depth details of all the after 10th pass course list. Before you choose a course, make sure you interested in that subject or you have special skills in that specific trade. The course which you chose after 10th pass will make a big impact in sculpting a perfect career for you. Try to reduce spending times in social media and make sure you spend most of your times in a productive way which will be beneficial for your career… All the best to choose the appropriate course….