How to score good marks in English in Banking & MBA Exams?

Last Updated: 29-Sep, 2019

Banking Exams, as well as MBA Exams, have been the prime target for aspiring Bankers and Management Students since time immemorial. Are you too working very hard for the Banking and MBA Entrance Exams this year? Both Banking and Management Entrance Exams in India, have a compulsory English Language and Verbal Ability part. Are you struggling with the thought that how can you score good marks in the English Section? What to study for the English language, how to score good marks in English is a question which not only you, but million other aspiring candidates are battling with every day.

Key Strategies to adopt | Expert Tips & Tricks to Score Good Marks in the English Language/Verbal Ability in Banking/MBA Papers

However, do you know that English is the most scoring section in MBA/Banking Exams? If you keep your mind calm and attempt the English Section before you start with the Maths & GK part, chances are you already have secured 50% marks, in the first half hour itself. Read below for key strategies, tips, and tricks you can adopt to score high in English in Banking & MBA Exams. Follow these tricks and you'll surely score high in your English section! (REMEMBER: Success is all about detailed planning!)

#1. How to score good marks in RC (Reading Comprehension)?

Reading Comprehension, referred to as RC by students is essential and considered the most difficult of all the sections in the English Language. Most students prefer to opt out of this section and as a result miss out on the major marks that drastically affects the overall percentile, which is actually extremely easy to get just a few strategies, and you can ace the RC.

Step 1: Do not Panic. Calm down your nerves

Keep yourself motivated in the exam hall. Drink a sip of water, if you need. But do not panic. The more you panic and start to rush through this section, the longer this is going to take to finish and you'll end up making mistakes. So, take it slow here. Don't g hard on yourself. Feel relaxed and think you got this!

Step 2: 1st Reading: Grab the message of the Passage:

Every passage has a message it's trying to tell you. In your first reading, just try to get the message or a list of the passage given. Even if you haven't understood parts of the passage, relax, you'll go back to it soon.

Step 3: 2nd Reading - Deep Understanding

Focus your attention and understand the context of the passage in your second reading. Try to link it to the message you've deciphered in the first reading. Keep making mental notes of the important contradictions, arguments, irony, and metaphors(if any), you encounter along the way.

Step 4: DO NOT Get lost in the Little Details

Your main priority here is to understand the concept, to point out the irony, to point out the contradictions and not get lost in the little details. So, read fast now an do not waste your time for trivial details.

Step 5: Break up your Passage

Now, quickly break up the passage into 3 points. These are the 3 questions which you have to ask yourself while you're reading the passage for the 2nd time.

  • What is the Main theme / Idea behind the passage/ Intent of the writer?
  • What are the Facts, Events, Points, Examples, Background story?
  • Hence, what is the Results/ Effects/Conclusion/ Consequences?

Step 6: Start Answering Questions

  • Choose an answer which is 100% relevant to the given text. DO NOT mark similar meaning words. (It's given only to CONFUSE YOU)!
  • If the question is of a broad spectrum, better re-read the sentence and then answer.

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#2. Brush up your Grammar

This is the most scoring section of MBA/Bank Exams if you have a solid command over your Grammar. Since most of the questions are designed to test your grammar, so better hit the nail on the head and practice your grammar rigourously.

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#3. Read at least 2 English Newspaper Regularly

For Banks as well as MBA Exams, Economic Times is perhaps the best Newspaper, that a student must read regularly. Besides that, you can read the "The Hindu - Articles Related to Finance & Business, International Affairs" Specifically. Try reading the Editorial page as well. This regular reading habit will show up while you are trying to answer the competitive exams.

#4. Read at least 2-3 Novels

Reading novels would give you a command over English, sentence formation, and grammar. It would also increase your READING SPEED - Which is a prime factor while answering competitive exams. You must read foreign writer novels with considerably difficult language and also try to add variety to your reading by altering between different genres. (The Passage given will be of difficult language and can be related to any topic, so better get a hang of it).

#5. Build up your Word Bank

Try to read the book - Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. Also, keep track of the new words you learn while reading newspapers and novels. This will help you tons in building up your confidence. Toppers suggest downloading the "Maghoosh" App and learning 300 Intermediate words.

Hence, this was a 5 Points you need to keep in mind while answering the English Section of Bank and MBA Exams. If you are facing any more troubles on how to score good marks in English or any other query, please comment below in the comment box, and I'll assist you further.

All the Best!