How to make a perfect Career? 12 Important tips to achieve your dream career

Last Updated: 05-May, 2020

Perfect Career...!! The most important thing in each and every person’s life... There were days in which students didn’t have an idea of a Perfect career or an idea on how to build a good career. They just wanted to complete education and join any job to earn some salary every month. But now the scenario has changed completely and most of the students have a dream career option in their school days itself.

Even after the Exceptional educational sector growth and after having a lot of options to build a perfect career, still, many students are confused about what job to choose after completing education.

12 tips to make a perfect career

Here I will explain to you the 12 important tips to achieve your dream career. Make sure you will go through all these points completely.

1) What you want and what you don’t want in a job:

You have completed your education and now it’s time for a job. Now the first and foremost thing is stick to your field if you have completed education in the science field and never go for a job related to commerce. Stick to a field which you studied; this will improve the chances of making your career better. It means you should know what job you need and whatnot.

2) Prepare your resume:

You will not have many details to mention in your resume as a fresher. Never try to make resume lengthier by mentioning false details. Even if you get a job with those false details, you will fail to prove it in your job and thereby will be a failure towards making a perfect career. Always mention what you have, what you are able to do and make an attractive resume.

3) Be patient:

Some people will be so lucky that they get a good job as per their wish in the campus interview or soon after completing the education. Don’t worry, if you get rejected in interviews, you will get a chance. You will have to be patient and work hard for that. Remember that Mr Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba) perhaps the greatest example of success through failure. He failed primary school twice and middle school three times. He also failed his university entrance exam three times. He was rejected by the police force and even KFC, But at present, he’s one of the billionaires in World.

4) Look into top cities & companies in the relevant field:

The choosing of a perfect job location, it’s one of the most important steps towards a successful career. Always chose a location where you have growth opportunities, never mind going out of your hometown if it kickstarts a dream career. And always select a company where you get growth opportunities and not where you get more salary. Yes, the PayScale matters a lot, but if you are ready to grow your knowledge and skills, you can reach a position where you decide your PayScale and not any company.

5) Don’t fear to reject:

Never ever have the fear of Rejecting an offer...! If the job and company want you to compromise on your career goals, never do that. Money is not everything… focus on your future and money will follow you.

6) Understand the Difference between job & career:

Many students or freshers are confused about job and Career, they just think getting a job is all about career. You have to understand that job is a short-term procedure which specifies the role you are doing at present, whereas career is long term procedure which defines your goal of where you want to be in future.

7) Know your strength and weakness:

To achieve something or to make something extraordinary, you have to know yourself, you have to understand your strengths and weakness. Is your weakness blocking the path towards a successful career? Try to make your weakness as strengths, work on your weakness and come out of it.

8) Make a network with successful people

It doesn’t mean that you have to avoid your friends. To achieve your goal or dream career, you should make a network with the successful persons in the field of your interest. Follow the great personalities in social media, blogs etc… Always ask suggestions with mentors. But make sure you don’t depend on a single person. Try to collect suggestions from many successful personalities and sort the best suitable suggestion.

9) Invest in your future:

Invest in future doesn’t mean that you have to invest money for the future. The market keeps on changing every day, so in order to make a successful career, you have to invest in your skills by studying new skills and raise your standards. Never stop learning, spend time reading new ways to improve your knowledge.

10) Always try for growth:

Never settle in a single position. Try to grow in your industry, learn new things in the company and Job and improve your chances of growth.

11) Never walk away from responsibilities:
We can see many people complaining about the shrinking opportunities in their field. Why is it? Your superiors have gained success by working in the same field…! Your company has grown in the field but why your opportunity gets shrinking? It’s simple as this, they don’t wish to take responsibilities, they just walk away from responsibility given. Always be ready to accept whatever the responsibility given to you, accept it and face it… It will create magic in your path towards a successful career.
12) Don’t be workaholic
You may get suggestions that spend more time in the office, work more etc... Yes, it does give you a short-term growth but it will surely make a negative impact in your career. By being a workaholic, you are reducing yourself from social time…! Always keep social time, spend time with friends, make sure you are engaged in sports, gym etc. The social time will improve your skills, mood and will keep you healthy mentally & physically. As quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The first wealth is health”. Without health neither you cannot sustain in any field nor you can make a perfect career.
Creator words about creating a perfect Career
Creating a successful Career is the most difficult task in the current generation. But if you have a perfect goal and if you work hard for that, you will enjoy each and every step towards your dream career and you will reach there as slick as a whistle. All the best for your dream career…!

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