Wildlife conservation Jobs: Various posts, Salary, Qualification etc

Last Updated: 05-May, 2020

Are you interested in Wildlife conservation Jobs? Don’t know what course to do? How much will be the Wildlife conservation salary? In this article, I will try to answer all your questions related to jobs in wildlife conservation. With the wildlife numbers falling off every year, all the governments and NGO’s are trying various methods to preserve wildlife and nature. There are various types of jobs in Wildlife conservation, I’ll explain in one by one below.

There are many people who just love to be in nature, enjoy the sceneries/sounds of nature and they love to explore wild animals. Are you one among them? Then why couldn’t you make it your career? There’s an opportunity for nature lovers like you to create your love towards nature and animals as a high earning career.

What are Wildlife Conservation jobs?

Wildlife conservation jobs refer to protecting and managing wild plants & animals, their habitats in order to prevent species from going extinct. The job will be to protect and manage various environments, such as forests and grasslands, to ensure that they're safe for the species and plants that live and grow there. Wildlife conservation jobs do not mean that it's related to forests only. Zoos, Aquariums, Wildlife sanctuaries are also part of it.

What are the various jobs under Wildlife Conservation?

1) Wildlife Manager:

He/she will be responsible for maintaining wildlife populations, habitats, or human users to produce ecological, economic, social, recreational, or scientific benefits for wildlife. Wildlife Manager will have to implement effective solutions to wildlife and habitat management problems

2) Wildlife Educator:

The person who teaches students or the common public about wildlife biology, ecology, physiology, disease, toxicology, taxonomy, economics, research and management techniques, and conservation policy and law.

3) Wildlife Consultant:

Will have to evaluate, analyse and report the Environmental impact from actions taken by Government or any other organisations in order to wildlife conservation.

4) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialists:

Who Works with Geographic Information Systems and other technologies to explain data and make management and policy recommendations to the government or related authorities concerning wildlife and their habitats.

5) Wildlife Biologist:

Who conducts scientific research to gather, analyse and interpret data on wildlife which includes behaviour, disease, ecology, genetics, nutrition, population dynamics, physiology, land-use changes, and pollution to conserve wildlife species and improve habitat conditions.

6) Wildlife Technician:

The person who works under the supervision of wildlife Manager or Wildlife Biologists. The duties of Wildlife Technician will be like collecting data of Wildlife, reporting daily activities etc.

7) Wildlife Inspector and Forensic Specialist:

 Wildlife Inspector is a crucial position under the Wildlife conservation jobs who Will be responsible to work on the threats to wildlife and also Intercept smuggled, illegal shipments of live wild animals for the pet trade and wild animal parts. Forensics specialists perform scientific and investigative work to document the origin and nature of the evidence collected on these illegal imports.

8) Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer

The person who enforces wildlife laws and regulations to maintain wildlife populations at desired levels. Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer will conduct regular surveys of wildlife populations, are involved in trapping and banding programs, implement wildlife population controls, respond to complaints on wildlife and educate the public about wildlife issues.

9) Wildlife Policy Analyst:
Applies wildlife management theories and practices to laws and regulations governing wildlife and habitats. As a Wildlife Policy Analyst, you can work for governments, legislative bodies, non-profit organizations, or industry groups.
10) Wildlife Economist:
Provides economic analyses of natural resources to support policies, critical habitat designation, assess the damage, and analyse environmental plans.
What is the Education Qualification Required for Wildlife Conservator Jobs?
Must have completed Graduation in wildlife biology or a related field, such as natural resources, agricultural science, or environmental sciences to apply for any Wildlife Conservation jobs. You can gain a higher level of placement if completed a master’s degree in these subjects.
Salary for Wildlife Conservation jobs
U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) has reported that conservation scientists, including wildlife conservationists, made a mean annual salary of $65,320 in May 2018. The salary depends upon the employer, those who worked for Govt organisations earned a higher salary when compared to NGO’s.

Wildlife Conservations jobs are not for someone who is just looking for any job. You should have that passion towards wildlife and nature to perform in these Jobs of Wildlife Conservation.