Current Affairs Dated 11-10-2020

Confederation Of All India Traders - CAIT, has demanded sedition proceedigns against Flipkart for saying Nagaland is "outside India". 
CAIT's Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said,"Flipkart has not only disrespected the sentiments of the people of North-east, but has hurt evey Indian." 
However, Flipkart had referenced to the state of being "outside India".

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut on Sunday - 11.10.2020 said 80,000 fake social media accounts were created to malign image of Maharashtra government over Sushant Singh Rajput death case. Criticising Union Home Minister Amit Shah over the issue,, Raut said, "He should acknowledge that illegal use of cyber army for character assassination of opponents and to srifle dissent can backfire on the country and can be destructive for India." 

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNDIA) will set up 'water courts' to address water bill-related issues, its CEO Narendra Bhooshan said. Residents can visit and get their issues resolved there, Bhooshan added. The officials will choose one sector every week to set up court and be present there from 10 am to 12pm, reports said.

Ramesh Pokhriyal, Union Education Minister has said that students no longer need to "spend dollars" on education in foreign universities as the National Education Policy is in accordance with global standards. "We have all the infrastructure and facilities. The NEP 2020 has further taken care of the issue. Our students will stay and study in the country now," he said. 

What is NEP?

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), which was approved by the Union Cabient of India on 29 July 2020, outlines the vision of India's new education system.The new policy replaces the previous National Policy on Education, 1986. The policy is a comprehensive framework for elementary education to higher education as well as vocational training in both rural and urban India. The policy aims to transform India's education system by 2030.

The Congress on Sunday criticised the BJP over reported allegations of corruption against some family members of Karnataka CM, BS Yediyurappa and deamnded the CM's resignation. Congress claimed that media reports have "disclosed direct involvement of CM's close relatives in corruption and bribery in connection with a construction project" in Bengaluru. 
The project is reportedly worth ₹662 crore. 
However, The PM has maintained incriminatory silence on this topic.

The Telngana Cabinet, which met under the chairmanship of CM K Chandrashekhar Rao, announced on 10.10.2020, that in the upcoming Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) election, 50% seats will be reserved for women. For this purpose, the Cabinet has also decided to amend the GHMC Act, 1955. This will reserve 75 divisions for woemn of the total 150.

India has the fourth lowest health spending globally, spending just 4% of its total budget, as compared to the recommended 15%, said an Oxfam report. "More than 70% of health spending is being met by people themselves, one of the highest levels globally," it states. It added that this has left India "woefully ill-prepared to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic." 

At least 2.9 crore women and girls are victims of modern slavery globally, a report by an anti-slavery organisation, Walk free, said. The victims are exploited by practices including forced labour, debt-bondage and domestic servitude, it attitude. "What this report has shown is that gender stacks the odds against girls from conception throughout their lives," its Co-founder Grace Forrest, said.

'One in every 130 women and girls is a victim." 

Following the visit of a Chinese delegation led by a Communist Party Politburo member, China said is providing Sri Lanka with over ₹656 crore "timely" grant. The Chinese EMbassy said it'll be used for medical care, education and water supplies in rural areas. The announcement comes after Sri Lankan President said China's financing of Hambantota port wasn't a "debt trap".

Mahindra Group's hospitality business Mahindra Holidays & Resort India has picked up a minority 6.67% staake in Delhi-based adventure sports and merchandise company Rocksport for ₹3.05 crore. Mahindra Holidays CEO Kavinder Singh said the investment will help the company enhance outdoor offerings at its resorts. Founded in 2001, Rocksport clocked ₹27.73 crore in revenue for 2019-2020, not only in India but Mahindra owns resorts in Finland, Sweden, Spain too.