Current Affairs Dated 29-10-2020

On Thursday, 29.10.2020 The government banned the export of onion seeds with immediate effect due to the rising prices of onion in our own country. 
Before this, the export of onion seeds was in the 'restricted' category i.e., the exporter has to obtain certain licence and  permission for the export of onion seeds from the government.

On October 29.10.2020, The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurated the - 4th India Energy Forum by CERAWeek organised by HIS Markit.

What was the theme of this edition?
- The theme of this edition is “India’s Energy Future in a World of Change”. 

What is the Aim of this Plan?
- India’s Energy Plan aims to ensure energy justice while fully following India’s global commitments for the sustainable growth. India needs an energy sector which is growth-centric, industry-friendly and environmentally conscious and this plan is expected to fulfill all the measures.

The Bahujan Samaj Party - BSP cheif Mayawati suspended 7 MLAs with immediae effect saying that they were involved in anti-party activities and hence they were opposing BSP's Rajya Sabha nominee, Ramji Gautam. 

Who were the 7 MLA's who were suspended?

1. Chaudhary Aslam Ali. 
2. Hakim Lal Bind. 
3. Mohammad Mujtaba Siddqui. 
4. Aslam Rainee. 
5. Sushma Patel.
6. Hargovind Bhargava. 
7.Bandana Singh.

Keshubhai Patel, Former Gujarat Chief Minister passed away on October 29.10.2020 at the age of 92. 

When did he serve as the CM?
Keshubhai Patel served as a Cheif Minister of Gujrat in 1995-1998 and then upto 2001. 
However, we must note that Patel in 2012 quit BJP and floated his own party named - Gujarat Parivartan Party.
Gujarat Parivartan Party

On 29.10.2020 The Odisha Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik launched 2 web portals namely -  ‘Odisha State Scholarship Portal’ & ‘Sumangal Portal’. 

AIM of Odisha State Scholarship Portal: Reportedly the Government will offer 21 scholarships to students from the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes.The scholarships will be credited directly to students’ bank accounts as the portal is linked to the state treasury. 

AIM of Sumangal Portal: The primary aim of the Sumangal Portal is to help people avail inter-caste marriage incentives in a fair and easier manner.

The Government on 29.10.2020 extended the income-tax exepmtion for the payment of cash equivalent to Leave Travel Concession - LTC fare to the non-Central Government employees.
Accordingly, the payment of cash allowance, subject to a maximum of ₹36,000 per person as Deemed LTC fare per person - Round Trip to non-Central Government employees, shall be allowed income-tax exepmtion. 

For the first time, The Floor Price is being fixed for the vegetable production in India and Kerala is the first state in the country to fix the floor price for vegetables.

Main Aim of the Scheme: The main of the scheme is to support for the farmers as the floor price will be 20% above the production cost of the vegetable and also the scheme also aims into setting up an  entire supply chain process for transporting the produce So even in the days when the markey price might go low, the produce of the farmer will be taken at minimum of the floor price only.

On 29.10.2020, Dr Satish Mishra was selected for "Dr. Tulsi Das Chugh Award 2020" by the National Academy of Medical Sciences, India.

Who is Dr Satish Mishra?
- Dr. Satish Mishra is the Principal Scientist, Division of Molecular Parasitology and Immunology, CSIR-CDRI-Lucknow. 

Why is he awarded with this award?
- He is awarded for his research work on Malaria parasite’s life cycle which is a complex process involving two hosts and three invasive stages.

On October 29, 2020, The Union Cabinet approved the MoU-Memorandum of Understanding between India and Cambodia with the cooperation in the field of health and medicine.

The main areas of cooperation according to the MoU? 

1.Family Planning.
2.The health of mother and child.
3.TB and HIV/AIDS.
4.Technology transfer. 
5.Drugs and pharmaceuticals.
6.Disease Control.
7.Public Health and epidemiology.
8.Medical Research and Development. 

The MoU will become effective on the date it is signed i.e., 19.10.2020 and will remain in force for 5 years.